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About Our Bariatric Program in Tijuana and Cancun Mexico



Obesity Solutions has the most qualified bariatric team and the best locations in Mexico to choose from: Tijuana and Cancun. We are actually physically here for our patients taking them by the hand and walking with them every step of the way. Our thousands of satisfied patients are happy to share their personal stories with you and our program is a truly transparent one. We believe that true transparency is of the utmost importance and we strive on a daily basis to upload new, fresh videos to provide our patients with the information they require to make a well informed, educated decision to have their laparoscopic, bariatric procedure performed by our surgical team and facilitated by the team of Obesity Solutions in either Cancun or Tijuana.


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    Weight loss surgery in Mexico
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    Weight loss Surgery
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Have your laparoscopic bariatric surgery performed in Mexico: Choose between Cancun or Tijuana.

We can assist you in making the decision of whether to have your weight loss surgery performed in Cancun or in Tijuana. We have an array of different facilities and a few different prices as well. This allows our patients to decide on where they would like to have their procedure performed. Our surgical team lets the patients decide between three facilities in Tijuana and three facilities in Cancun. It's our job to provide our patients with the information they require to make an educated decision to have their bariatric laparoscopic procedure performed in Mexico: whether it is lap band, intra gastric balloon, gastric sleeve, VSG, gastric plication, mini gastric bypass or full gastric bypass procedure.

Providing premium quality laparoscopic bariatric procedures

Our efforts for ensuring superior quality are vouched by many of our patients. We have our main offices in Cancun and Tijuana. Due to our location, we are constantly monitoring and ensuring high levels of quality for you. All our hospitals and physicians follow strict, national and international protocols. To set up even higher standards, we have complete involvement in medical research and education. You can save as much 70% of your medical costs, if you decide to have your laparoscopic bariatric procedure performed in Mexico. We have an expert bariatric team that can provide you optimum services for laparoscopic bariatric surgery: lap band, gastric plication, intra gastric balloon, gastric sleeve surgery, mini gastric bypass surgery, full gastric bypass surgery. We specialize in weight loss surgeries and laparoscopic surgeries. Please contact us to receive a free quote today

What do we provide?

  • Complete support to help you research your medical treatment
  • Providing you with free consultation from our physicians
  • Scheduling your surgery date in synch with your busy schedule
  • Assistance in travel arrangements, for flights and hotels
  • Personal assistance in Mexico
  • Follow up procedures
  • All Ground Transportation
  • All pre.op lab work/ EKG and chest x. rays
  • completo Soporte para ayudarle a investigar su tratamiento médico
  • consulta Gratis de nuestros médicos
  • programar la fecha de cirugia adecuada a su agenda
  • Asistencia en vuelos y hoteles
  • asistencia Personal en México
  • procedimientos de seguimiento
  • todo transporte terrestre
  • Laboratorios, electrocardiograma y radiografía de tórax.



  • Lap Band Surgery
  • Gastric Balloon
  • Mini Gastric Bypass
  • Gastric Sleeve Surgery
  • Gastric Bypass Surgery
  • Gastric Plication Surgery
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Success Stories

  • 7000 Laparoscopic Surgeries
  • More than 7,000 happy families
  • 1000 Gastric Sleeves per year
  • More than 3500 gastric balloons
  • Leading Plication Surgery center
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