About Hair Transplant Institute Tijuana, Mexico

NeoPel was established in 1999 in Tijuana, Mexico Using the latest surgical techniques, patients get a personalized treatment for full hair restoration.

The NeoPel Hair Transplant Institute ensures that every patient will receive personalized and individual attention from Dra. Ana Gabrielle Hernandez herself.
Unlike most clinics and facilities that are high volume, like those in the U.S, Canada, and Europe, patients can feel at ease knowing in advance that Dra. Hernandez will be performing and overseeing the surgical procedure.
Dra Hernandez has trained her entire to staff to the highest medical and professional standards. The trained members of instittue assist Dra. Hernandez with preperation before executing a hair transplant.
The institute staff is trained with advanced microscopes to prepare and increase the survival rate of grafts used for transplants.
It is important to note that Dra. Hernandez and staff use sterilized tools before each patient. Making sure to destroy them after each procedure.
To offer the best and most advancend treatment, the institute ensures the latest technology and the most modern facility. Dra. Hernandez and staff use the latest technology for hair surgery in medicine to achieve a natural, satisfying result.
Most patients at The NeoPel Hair Transplant institute are treated using MSFU (Mega Session Follicular Unit Transplant). A more advanced version of this is the SMSFU (Super Mega Session Follicular Unit Transplant), which is currently available to a few surgeons worldwide.

These methods allow thousands of hair follicles to be transplanted in a single procedure, that last five to ten hours.
The NeoPel Hair Transplant Institute offeres patients the newest a most effective Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) techniques. This technique requires a very skilled surgeon that can extract follicles directly from the scalp to result in an an excellent appearance.

This procedure allows balding areas (recpient site) to be transplanted with hair follicles from areas of your own scalp (donor site) that are rich in hair follicles.
Advantages of the Procedure > No use of traditional linear incisions > Minimal scarring in the donor area > Physical activities can be resumed quickly > Incisions heal within a week of surgery Once the surgery and the healing process are complete, hair transplant patients can continue to treat their hair as they normally would. Since the trasplanted hair is your own, hair begins to grow back as it normally would in the same texture.
This very useful test helps determine how a patient will respond to the Finasteride drug. Based on statistics and patient feedback, this test will be suggested to those patients before continuing.

The Neopel Hair Transplant Institute uses the latest Genetic Test for Finasteride Response to helps to determine the degree of treatment response to Finasteride. Different test results allow Dra. Hernandez to determine which method of hair loss treatment is best for patients.

World Class Surgeon: Dra Hernandez is a highly-qualified Board certified surgeon for hair transplant surgery. Dra. Hernandez won her international reputation by achieving excellent results with each of her patients. She is one of the very few surgeons in the world to offer guaranteed results for hair transplant patients.
Personalized Treatment: Dra. Hernandez knows that each patient has his or her own personal needs. The Neople Hair Transplant Institute takes personalized patient care to another level. Dra. Hernandez promises to be the one and only surgeon present throughout the entire procedure. Patients are confident and reliant of Dr. Reyes and her team.

Affordable: Because of the location (Mexico) where the cost of living is lower compared to the United States, Dra. Hernandez offers patients top quality hair transplants for a fraction of the price. When compared to the costs of other Board Certified Surgeons, Dra. Hernandez’s Neopel hair transplant institute ensures full hair restoration at its best.

Reliable Treatment: Having served thousands of patients from all over the globe, The Hair Transplant Institute has resulted in very high patient satisfaction. In some cases where surgical procedures can go wrong, Dra. Hernandez is always there to guide and help her patients. Procedures at the institute are very reliable, painless, and friendly.

Easy access from the U.S, Canada, Europe and South America: Where ever you are traveling fom Dr. Hernandezs’ location is convenient for all patients. With most major airlines offering flights to SanDiego, accomodation is easy and convenient.

Pain Free Procedure-Guaranteed: Dra. Hernandez guarantees a pain free procedure. The in site anesthesiologist will assist those patients that prefer to sleep under local anesthesia, during the procedure-free of charge!

Recovery in 1 Day: Dra. Hernandez offers a 1 day treatment service. The patient can leave back to his or her country within 2 days.

Experience with all Hair Types: Dra. Hernandez offers experience with all textures of hair. Including gray, curly hair, and straight hair.

Bilingual Staff and All-Inclusive Packages: To ensure quality and comfort for all foreign patients The Hair Transplant Institute is able to communicate with all patients to fulfill everyones requests and answer any questions they may have. From the time the patients arrives at the International Airport of San Diego to the time of departure. Dra. Hernandez ensures that patients will be picked up by their personal chauffeur when they arrive. Allowing patients to have someone there for translation purposes immediately following arrival.

Dra. Hernandez wants to ensure patients that travel to Mexico that they are able to treat themselves to a 3 day getaway (or longer if they choose). Having treatment done abroad is a great way to combine a short vacation at the five star Marriott with a medical treatment from a highly recommended surgeon-that guarantees results.